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02 Monday Rinoa

Rant: To Be or Not To Be...

Posted on 03.12.2012 at 03:29PM
Mood: irateirate
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Do I...just have high expectations when I'm looking for fanfiction on FF.Net? Because I seriously don't know anymore. OTL Nothing I ever find seems to pique my interest in a good way. That being said, maybe it's only because I lurk (and write) between 1-2 major fandoms and then sometimes lurk some of the smaller fandoms that I like. Another reason that things are probably dead (dead as in not much active as before) is probably because school is in effect. I've been there so I totally understand, but when fandoms do get updated... Why the heck are 50% (though IMO, it's MORE than 50%) of the new stories - pardon me - garbage? Okay, maybe I'm being a little harsh, but it's starting to irritate me more than usual. =/

Beware of RantCollapse )

Anyways, with all this being said, I'm not saying I'm a stellar writer myself (I know where I'm flawed and nice people have let me know where too), but I just had to get this off my chest because it's getting hard to ignore anymore. =_=; With the release of KH3D just a few weeks away, I'm afraid of even more bad!fic hitting the KH fandom because it's gonna be "fresh and new" once people are exposed to the TWEWY characters and a new plot element in the KH story... I doubt the majority of the writers who are going to write on the TWEWY characters ever played the original game and will, inevitably, butcher them unless they do some research. I am especially scared for Shiki because people are already thinking of pairing her with Riku (which I don't mind, but I'm pretty sure it's being supported for the wrong reasons like outward appearance Game SpoilersCollapse )). Yeah, I'm ranting again. LOL

*sigh* I just realize, I have lots to say when it comes to ranting and not enough when it comes to non-ranting. XD Anyways, with this journal being updated, you can pretty much tell it's been a while. For some reason, I can't access LJ at home because my internet is blocking it. Good, ol' home internet~ <3

07 Saturday KH

Finally! D:

Posted on 07.02.2011 at 01:59AM
Mood: hyperhyper
Music: Kingdom Hearts Playlist
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Okay, it's like extremely late where I am, but I couldn't help but read manga (I know, I know. What a bad habit. The only thing I was reading in particularly was Vampire Knight and, my freaking god, all I can say is... ABOUT DAMN TIME!! Crap!

Yes, yes, I know the genre of vampires and whatnot have become a little overrated, but I knew of Vampire Knight way before Twilight came out, okay? Just putting that out there...

Anyways! Vampire Knight... I've been reading the series since it first came out and, to be honest, I have always, always been a ZeroxYuuki fan. Why? To be completely honest, I am not entirely sure. OTL However, I do love the chemistry and the complications that came between Yuuki and Zero. Plus, I've seen some...very hot moments between the two that have me sitting at the edge of my seat and my breathing seems to skyrocket in anticipation as my heart rate increases abnormally. XD LOL Yeah. So... I'll put everything else under the cut in case I spill out any spoilers.

Click For Spoilers. BEWARE!!!Collapse )

Gah!!! I digress, whenever I think about writing fanfiction, I really want the relationship between two characters to be portrayed like the relationship between Yuuki and Zero. There's tension, strong chemistry...sexual frustration. *shot* Okay, fine, ignore the last bit, but you know it's true... A little frustration in that area is never a bad thing. XD
In fact, I'm trying to model one of my OTP's relationship in this way just because I love how Hino-sensei is characterizing Yuuki and Zero... I think I will write the relationship of my chosen OTP this way for one of my (incoming) stories.
Don't know which one yet, but really, what I want to do can go both ways. Just...the desire Hino-sensei wrote about is so captivating... *_* I freaking love all of her works (yes, I collect all her manga. She's just that awesome LOL).

Anyways, that's enough for my squealing time... I shall head off to bed now... Night! XD

School TerQua

Moments in Time - Theme 02

Posted on 06.20.2011 at 09:25PM
Mood: dorkydorky
Tags: , , , , ,

Title: Joyride
Author: monmoncandie
Claim: General
Prompt: 02 - Me & You
Fandom: Kingdom Hearts
Rating: PG
Word Count: 970
Summary: She was staring at him with determination, but Terra wasn’t stupid; Aqua’s knees were shaking in fear and she was really on the verge of tears.
A/N: This takes place when Terra and Aqua are younger. =)

Click Here for Full StoryCollapse )

05 Thursday Saix

So Gloomy D: (and FanFic Updates~)

Posted on 06.16.2011 at 04:03PM
Mood: busybusy
Music: The Madness of Duke Venomania - Kamui Gakupo
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The weather outside is disgusting. LOL Clouds in the sky and it's raining. What I'm doing at work right now isn't helping either. xD Ah~ Oh well... At least it was better than yesterday. I was caught in the rainstorm. There was a SQUALL outside! *shot* Okay, stupid pun is stupid, but really, all I've been getting this past week is rain and clouds. :P


Oh yes! I have an idea of how I'm going to write for the next chapter of Sins Worth Breaking (SWB) up on FF.Net. Well, I already knew what I had to write, but sometimes what I want doesn't transition well when I do it on electronic paper. :P
I'll probably have that chapter up by next weekend. If I don't, you people know the drill! Bug me until I feel guilty! D: LOL But honestly, I'll try to get it up by then. :)
And just because it was the highlight of the last chapter, here is a picture of Squall in his work uniform:

Squall strutting his uniform xDCollapse )

LOL! I actually got the uniform inspiration from a different picture (a video actually), but this is really close to what it looked like. XD I would post the female uniform, but a picture didn't exist. Just imagine the same black vest, but a white dress shirt with quarter-length sleeves and a black skirt with a shorter apron and shoes instead. :P

Other notes: My two other one-shots with Laguna are almost done, but need to be revamped and checked over (damn you, Niqsta and the dialogue/grammar rules! xD) before I can post them. :) And it seems my FF8 challenge drabbles isn't getting attention... I will need to try and give that a little bit of PR huh?

Kingdom Hearts fanfic is on the same page. Almost done with my 100-theme challenge with Terra and then maybe I'll post Polar Reflections on a daily basis. My Isa challenge is also another challenge that might need the same PR treatment. *sigh* It's only got ten chapters and each chapter is 200 words. Is it that hard to give me a little feedback on it? :P The trials of starting new stories on FF.Net. LOL

Anyways, I'll be back to update again. Take care!

02 Monday Rinoa

What the *BLEEP* is Wrong with You, FF.Net???

Posted on 06.13.2011 at 04:53PM
Music: Big Bang Playlist
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Seriously, stop sending me email alerts of messages/reviews I am already aware of! Heck, the ones you're sending to me are two weeks old!!! D:< *goes into spasm mode*
Does anyone who have a FF.Net account experiencing this or is it just me? I don't know if the administrators are doing another update again, but this is just plain annoying. >_>;

Also, not to be a b*tch or anything, but why is it that when I browse the pages of some categories on the site that people can't seem to spell the simplest of words right in the title and summaries? Again, not trying to be a b*tch, but this just bugs the hell out of me. I understand if english isn't your primary language, but this can't always be the reason why you can't check out your stuff before posting. :P I welcome the chance to reading newer fics, but if you can't spell things correctly from just me reading the summary, chances are I might overlook your fic for another one. >_<

Sorry if I'm coming out a bit of a grounch about this. I haven't eaten anything yet and I do become short-tempered on an empty stomach... I hate going to work early in the morning. LOL

*sigh* In OTHER news, the weather here in my city has been very weird. The sun disappeared only for it to rain and now the skies look cloudy. Guess who isn't dressed for the weather??? OTL Oh, and I was listening to the Duodecim soundtrack yesterday... The FF8 remixes seriously want me to play FF8, but then I also want to play FF13. Help me! TT_TT

...It doesn't help that my friend plans on dragging me out for my birthday for a celebration bash on Saturday. I just know I'm going to do something stupid and not remember it. LOL xD

02 Monday Rinoa

Kingdom Hearts Challenge Table

Posted on 06.13.2011 at 04:27PM
Mood: contemplativecontemplative
Music: Big Bang Playlist
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Hmm, I kind of forgot that I placed a claim for this a while ago. :P Oh well; got approved for it. LOL Added on my things to do this summer!

Challenge Community: 50ficlets
Challenge Table: Table Five
Title: Moments in Time
Fandom: Kingdom Hearts
Pairing: General
Rating: T/PG-13
Disclaimer: I do not own any material from Kingdom Hearts but these ficlets.
Summary: Sometimes, there are things that can happen within a small amount of time that they become overlooked. But maybe if given the chance, these small moments can be remembered...
My Personal Tags: claim - monmoncandie: kingdom hearts [g], fandom: kingdom hearts, table: five


01.Black & White 02.Me & You 03.Sent away 04.Missing you 05.Will never be
06.First love 07.Getting there 08.Hit or Miss 09.Touch me 10.Light & Dark
11.Thunder & Lightning 12.Me or Them 13.Hand on heart 14.Heaven & Hell 15.Good & Bad
16.Right or Wrong 17.Love/Hate 18.Hurt me 19.Lost & Found 20.Naughty or Nice
21.Two faced 22.Bone deep 23.Aches & Pains 24.Save me 25.Make me
26.Break me 27.Fast Forward 28.Flash back 29.Special Delivery 30.Boys & Girls
31.Growing Up 32.Finding out 33.Mix 'n' Match 34.Flip side 35.Lucky break
36.Eating out 37.Feeling good 38.Beautiful disaster 39.Chaos theory 40. Where you belong
41.Time & Tide 42.Follow my lead 43.Cheap shots 44.Lock and Key 45.Keeping secrets
46.Coming out 47.Let me in 48.Talk to me 49.You're mine 50.Give & Take
Completed: 1/50

06 Friday Cloud

Just More Rambling on the Latest FF Stuff...

Posted on 06.10.2011 at 11:36PM
Mood: ditzyditzy
Music: FFXIII Playlist
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Bah...Seriously, I should just stop looking at stuff Final Fantasy. =.= I get distracted so easily...it's not even funny!

I just saw the E3 Final Fantasy XIII-2 demo with commentary, and my gosh, I'm blown away... Everything in that game so far just looks so interactive and diverse (IMO anyway). They really did put a lot of things that were never found in the first one. A little tidbit, you can actually earn gil in battles again! No more fighting those enormous turtles! xD i doubt we'll ever get to play the demo at all, but I really can't wait for the game to come out! :) Oh, and I'm still curious about that one guy Lightning crossed swords with in the first teaser trailer... WHO ARE YOU??? I want more info on you mysterious man... >.>

And on a smaller note, I saw some more images and stuff pertaining to Final Fantasy Type-0...I want that game too. D: Why are all of these games coming out later instead of during my summer? LOL I want them out before I go back to school and have to focus again. xD

PS: I still stand by it, Blinded by Light is an amazing battle track and I'm glad it's still included in FFXIII-2! <3

05 Thursday Saix

Writer's Block: Happy birthday, savvy?

Posted on 06.09.2011 at 01:33PM
Mood: fullfull
Music: Vocaloid Playlist
Which film starring birthday boy Johnny Depp is your favorite, and why?

Pirates of the Carribean man! :D Johnny Depp was so awesome as Captain Jack Sparrow. Entertaining, charismatic, and pretty much lulz worthy. Plus, Johnny Depp helped interpret exactly how Jack should look and I found it funny how he got his inspiration from Keith Richards of the Rolling Stones. XD

Johnny Depp is a talented actor and I'm really glad he's made some entertaining movies. Happy Birthday Mr. Depp! :)

03 Tuesday Axel

AAAAHHH~~ It Comes!!! <3 <3 <3

Posted on 06.07.2011 at 07:42PM
Mood: hyperhyper
Tags: ,

E3 week and...AHH!!! I just saw the trailer and gameplay videos for Final Fantasy XIII-2!! I'm sooo excited for it to come out! Winter 2012... That's so far! D:

I won't post spoilers because, you know, you people can search it for yourselves, but I'm sooo stoked for it to come out! X3 The english translations are already on their way; says so my sources. Haha.

I was a little disappointed with the lack of Kingdom Hearts info, but I'm pretty happy with this for now. :3

Excuse me while I go and squeal my brains out. Haha!

02 Monday Rinoa

Music Box~ (And Other Things~)

Posted on 06.06.2011 at 01:33PM
Mood: hyperhyper
Music: Vocaloid Playlist
Tags: , , ,

Okay, so over on the weekend, I was bored and decided to lurk YouTube for something funny. I found funny stuff...but I also found the most awesomest thing ever: Music box versions of some Vocaloid songs I love! <3 <3 <3

They're amazing renditions of the actually thing that it honestly makes me want to pay something just so I can have a music box with -insert song title- playing in the background. I swear. There are just some songs that are amazing no matter what language they're in. :P Oh, and funny thing is, I wanna do something with those music box songs... Gah! D:

Also! I've been listening nonstop to a Korean version of "Eyes on Me." Mm-hmm. That's right. A Korean pop artist covered the infamous love song from Final Fantasy VIII. It's beautiful too! The original still takes the cake for me, but the Korean version is an amazing cover. <3 I absolutely love it. Check it out on YouTube if you're curious! X3

Last thing (I swear :P), the Playstation Network Store is finally online again. Do you know what this means? I'm going on a spending frenzy to buy almost ALL the DLC for Duodecim. XD The costumes are up, but I can't remember if Squall's "Leon" costume is up for download... I hope it is. I want to play Squall in Leon's smexy attire. D8
Ah! And I can't forget the music pack DLC. FFVIII and FFXIII music packs? Hell to the yes! X3 Someone's going to get their butt kicked when I play Squall and Liberi Fatali is playing in the background! >8D Muhahaha! *looks at my little brother*

Anyways! Until next time!

PS: I have consecutive entries and most of them are near pointless because they are challenge tables. LOL Tangents, Monica. Tsk tsk...

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